The Dangers of Geek Entitlement (via ilikecomicstoo)

I know this is really off topic for my blog, but hey, I feel like this relates to a lot of things other than comics and geekdom, but I’m a geek/nerd so…here it is. Also, check her blog, follow it, it’s good.

The Dangers of Geek Entitlement Back in the day (AKA ten years ago, for me), if you read comic books religiously, you were a dork.  As a girl, you were a tomboy and a dork.  Those weren't nice labels.  Like many, I was picked on because I didn't like the Spice Girls when all the other girls were singing their tunes in the schoolyard.  Similarly, the boys in my grade school that preferred watching Dragonball Z to practicing basketball were treated pretty cruelly.  I was fortunat … Read More

via ilikecomicstoo


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I'm a writer and a gamer (mostly of the pen and paper variety). I love Horror and Science Fiction, but my obsession is Cyberpunk. Class Skills Include: Convince, Complete Video Game, DM, and Write.
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