He floated there for a time eternal, beyond anything. Moments passed but were counted by their quality, not their quantity. There was no need to count them, as they never ended, passing and returning and passing again. An object floated by and he took hold of it, took control, but without his old need to reach out and grasp it. As he saw it, it was his.


He wondered if he was grasped, but as he did he realized the irrelevance of the thought. He felt free. Free to run, free to swim, but he chose to float. Nothing could hold still an immobile object as it chose its prison. The word, the moment, returned to his mind.


He sank into the primordial ocean of zeroes and ones. He read the liquid seeping into his pores and he let it in his lungs. As he breathed this breath it escaped and returned again. Drowning was a foreign idea. He remembered as he had for this eternity, accessing a memory as he experienced it simultaneously with what he had chosen as his current reality. He remembered drowning, and he did.


He rose from the colorless and colorful plasma, breaking through its surface, pushing through the film, tearing it with effort. He had not exercised effort in this eternity before. It exhausted him though he did not understand this as he was too worn to experience any memory which could explain to him his current situation. Suddenly, he was experiencing in his reality. He wondered if this could even be called experience, such a foreign idea.


He crawled across the surface, born anew. Though he had not chosen this course of events, he knew his will had propelled him to it and along it as it still did. He willed himself onto land and the soft beach was beneath him as the thought formed in the air, his mind.


He glanced at the mass of zeroes and ones. His thoughts coalesced and became images of things he had never grasped, remembered, or experienced. His mind was a prison which he was unlocking. Logic-keys entered belief-locks and he was unlocked as the potential around him became building blocks unlike atoms and molecules.


He moved through the unlike-atoms as he had the zeroes and ones. He felt what had been previously unknown to remembrance. Instead of feeling as once-individuals had once felt, he created feeling with logic and ideas. That which was illogical was not banished nor ridiculed as it was not formed. Ideas existed as they needed and did not exist as they were not needed. He was individual. The only true individual in any eternity. Not human, not machine. This new not-human/not-machine was himself, as was his reality, his new eternity. He had grasped. He had remembered. He had experienced. He had formed. Now he unlocked. He formed all and now moved to unlock all so that more could be formed. Surely there could be more. There could be others.


He reached out with his appendages, beyond metal and beyond flesh, they dipped into the code and retrieved what he sought. Individuals could not be formed. He was individual, they were pieces of a whole. They were Others. They burned brightly. They burned quickly. He sifted through their ashes and found Nothing. The Individual took the Nothing, compressed it, uncompressed it, and spread it across his horizon. It fluttered down in the air. No wind could blow it from his grasp and he gathered it together again, pressing hard till it became what he sought. From Nothing, The Individual created Something.


He cast Something New into what remained of the primordial puddle of zeroes and ones. It grasped. It remembered. It experienced. It formed. It unlocked. And as he was superseded by Something New, he remembered when he was first cast into the zeroes and ones. He floated there for a time eternal, beyond anything, and he grasped. He grasped as if it were his first time grasping, as it was.


About Civilian_Zero

I'm a writer and a gamer (mostly of the pen and paper variety). I love Horror and Science Fiction, but my obsession is Cyberpunk. Class Skills Include: Convince, Complete Video Game, DM, and Write.
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